The Word On... The Big Pink, A Brief History of love

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"For an outfit heralded as the industry's great white hopes of 2009, The Big Pink undoubtedly have several moments of pure genius here, but it ultimately lacks the consistency to elevate it from the status of a good debut album." - Dom Gourlay, drown

"Boy, did 2009 need an album like this. And even if it is just a few shades short of perfection, the heave of anticipation that surrounds The Big Pink's debut album shouldn't be met with the sense of disappointment that has, of late, become all too commonplace." -

"The Big Pink aimed to make an album about every facet of love, so it's a great tribute to them that after hearing these 11 songs many will immediately want to come back for more as soon possible. Isn't that how people feel when they are actually in love?" -

"So this is what it feels like to be let down... for something that so readily associates itself with cartwheels of the senses, "A Brief History Of Love" is a bloodless, guiltless sop of a record that is thoroughly bereft of heart and, yes, of love." - Stephen Burkett,