The Word On: The king of Limbs, Radiohead

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"The eight songs here are less like an album and more like two EPs in a set: one of spectral, understated ballads, and the other of spectral, understated takes on left-field electronic music."

"Another great album from Britain's most consistently brilliant band. And come "Codex", it truly strikes the listener dumb. Like "Motion Picture Soundtrack", "Street Spirit", "Sail to the Moon", "Nude" – insert your own favourite slow-paced Radiohead number here – it's a piece of rarefied beauty."

"'The King of Limbs' finds Yorke and company preparing to forge a new path while taking a pensive look at what has gone before... a transitional record, capturing one final, serene moment while anticipating the coming storm — an intake of breath before the band's next big creative exhale."