The Word On...Snow Patrol, the new album

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"The overall tone of 'A Hundred Million Suns' is rather fraught, a bit like reading a teenager's poetry, which is the appeal for some, I guess. But the album could have done with the odd quiet moment to break up the onslaught." - William Rycroft,

"It's classic Snow Patrol – driving melodies, pointed lyrics and some hand claps every now and then... Old Snow Patrol fans will be content, and new fans will definitely be hooked." -

"Snow Patrol continue to set a good example of how to innovate on the music they create so it's different enough to feel new but similar enough to keep existing fans interested. 'A Hundred Million Suns' doesn't really have some of the grittier tracks that their last album did, but thankfully the band don't try to copy the success of "Chasing Cars" either. New and old fans will both agree that this is going to be an album to get excited about." -

"I didn't feel like Snow Patrol have done anything new. They didn't do anything bad, really, but I don't have a reason to give this album more plays." -