The 2017 Grammy Awards paid tribute to George Michael with a not-without-incident performance from Adele.

Adele performed a stripped-down, emotional version of his song 'Fastlove' to a backdrop of images and footage of the late artist only to call the show to a halt.

Apologising for swearing she asked the band to restart: "I can't mess this up for him," she told the audience to supportive cheers. 

Beginning again she managed to recover from whatever it was that threw her for the first effort and delivered a haunting rendition of the song - however still appearing slightly thrown. 

The performance drew a standing ovation from the audience as Adele was pictured in tears after she finished. 


Rihanna and J Lo were both pictured clapping in support of their fellow artist. Chrissy Teigan tweeted immediately after the show, writing: "Major major @Adele respect. Shit happens when you actually sing live. She was incredible."


'Fastlove' was a single released by Michael in 1996 - winning a Brit award at the 1997 event. 

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