Animals frontman Eric Burdon: I'm not afraid to perform in Israel

The musician has contradicted his management's decision to cancel a show in the north of the country following 'threatening emails'

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Animals frontman Eric Burdon has denied reports that he is to withdraw from a planned concert in Israel following "threatening emails".

In a statement from his management today 71-year-old Mr Burdon said he had already arrived in Israel and that the concert would go ahead as planned.

"It was not my decision to cancel the show, it was my manager's, who as a result of lots of threating emails she received, was genuinely afraid for my life," he said.

"I'm not afraid to preform here and very happy to be back in Israel"

He continued: "Above all, it is important for me to convey a message that the past is not important, and the most important thing is and I came to Israel, as I wished to. It was important for me to play here and I'm concentrating all my energies towards the performance. We are going to give a great show to the Israelis."

The Animals frontman, whose hits include "House of the Rising Sun", and "San Franciscan Nights," will perform alongside local Israeli bands in Binyamina, in the north of the country.

Last week his management released a statement saying Mr Burdon would be withdrawing from the appearance: “We’ve been receiving mounting pressure, including numerous threatening emails, daily. The last thing I intend do is put Eric in jeopardy.”