Dave Grohl makes 'grown ass man' cry on stage with acoustic version of My Hero

'I'm going to sing this to you right now... You drunk, emotional mess'

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Dave Grohl barking out an acoustic rendition of ‘My Hero’ with a broken leg was too much for one drunk man to take at a Foo Fighters concert in Colorado at the weekend, who started weeping and soon found himself being serenaded on stage.

Instead of cancelling dates after he broke his leg at a concert in June, Grohl has been performing from a stool with his leg in a cast at recent shows, not only cementing his reputation as an all-round good guy but making him especially vigilant of the crowd.

After spotting the man welling up and calling him out in front of everyone, Grohl said:

“I love you man, thank you. Holy sh*t. F*ck that speech I was just about to make. I'm going to sing to you right now. ... I want some real tears. You better sing it with me. Don't make me cry because I promised I wouldn't do this. ... I'm going to sing this to your crying grown man ass right now. ... You drunk, emotional mess.”

Reassuring security staff that they had nothing to fear from a "grown man crying", Grohl embraced Anthony, before getting on his crutches, seating the man and singing the rest of the track directly to him.

Hopelessly drunk and emotional, Anthony complimented My Hero - a song about everyday heroes - perfectly, even bellowing into the mic as best he good occasionally.

The Foo Fighters recently promised to play Cesena in Italy, after 1000 citizens banded together to perform their track ‘Learn To Fly’ in the hope of attracting the band to their city.