Eurovision 2015: Australian fans unhappy with 'dull and safe' contestant Guy Sebastian

'I wanted a camp power diva', said one Aussie Eurovision fan

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Former Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian has been chosen to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

The singer was announced as Australia’s first Eurovision contestant in a ceremony at the Sydney Opera House, but not all Australians are entirely happy with the decision.

Music fans down under have called Sebastian a “dull, safe choice” and have voiced their dissatisfaction with their country’s choice of contestant:

Some were equally confused about Australia taking part in Eurovision:

Australia has been invited to take part in this year’s Eurovision for the first time to mark the competition’s 60th anniversary.

The Australian public will be allowed to vote in both the semi-finals and grand final, along with the other 39 participating countries from Europe.


Sebastian won the first ever Australian Idol in 2003 and has since had eight top ten albums and two number one singles.

He has a fair few fans who are looking forward to him winning "douze points" for Australia in May:

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