Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless albums won’t win at the 2017 Grammys

It is not yet known whether they were intentionally not submitted for consideration

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Despite being one of the talked-about and critically-acclaimed albums of the year, Frank Ocean’s Blonde is reportedly ineligible for the the 2017 Grammy Awards as it was not submitted for consideration.

The same goes for his visual album Endless, with a source confirming to Billboard that neither album was put forward by Ocean's labels, management or other reps, even though both were released long before the eligibility cutoff date of 30 September, 2016. 

It is unclear whether Blonde, which entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 1, was intentionally not entered or whether it was a mistake similar to the one believed to have taken place with Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ last year.

Ocean self-released Blonde through his own Boys Don’t Cry label, though Apple Music still helped out with several areas of the digital-only release.

Endless meanwhile was Apple-only, but may simply not have been eligible due to its visual nature. Sadly, despite arguably being the better albumEndless has not received as much attention.

It would not be unlike Ocean to simply shrug at the Grammys and back away from them, but his last album, Channel Orange, was nominated for five awards at the 2013 ceremony, where he collected the prize for Best Urban Contemporary Album in person.

The Grammy Awards will take place on 12 February 2017 and air in the US on CBS.