Miley Cyrus promises Bangerz tour will be educational to children

Singer says tour will give children chance to be exposed to 'new form of art'

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Miley Cyrus has said she hopes her worldwide Bangerz tour will be “educational” to children.

The pop star, who has been criticised by parents for her over-sexualised music videos, said she hoped young people who came to see her tour would be “exposed to a new form of art”.

In an interview with her sister Brandi, Cyrus told Fuse News: “Even though parents probably won’t think this, I think my show is educational for kids because of the art they’re going to be exposed to that most people don’t know about.

“People are taught to look at things so black and white, especially in small towns. So I’m more excited to take this show to places where things like this would probably never get accepted, and kids wouldn’t learn about this different kind of art.”

Cyrus’ comments emerged hours before photos of the singer pictured straddling a giant-sized hot dog appeared online.

But the singer and former Disney star also said she wanted people to look beyond her outfits, explaining her decision to include acoustic music in her set.

Miley Cyrus performs on a hot dog as part of her Bangerz tour

“People want to talk about my clothes, what I’m going to be wearing, what I’m not going to be wearing. I don’t want it to just be about the clothes. What unplugged does is make people look past the shock value,” she said.

She added that she wanted her tour to look “high end” and was inspired by Madonna.

“I want to make all my content look high end, something that you would see on Madonna’s tour, but then just make it feel a lot more young.”

The singer has been the subject of media scrutiny since August 2013, following her controversial performance at the VMAs.

Her provocative music videos have also been criticised by parenting bodies and have provoked open letters from Sinead O’Connor and Annie Lennox.

But Cyrus’ mother Tish has defended her daughter’s music videos, claiming they are no different to videos produced in the Eighties.

She told Fuse News: “It’s so funny how people get so riled up about Miley’s videos, ‘We Can’t Stop’ and twerking. If you go back and look at the Mötley Crüe videos, the Bon Jovi videos…it was all girls, half naked, and dancing and partying. It was all sex, drugs and rock and roll.

“And now parents are pointing a finger, but all those videos they watched, it was all partying.”