Status Quo returns as original 'frantic four' reunite after three decades


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The original Status Quo bandmembers reunited this week to rehearse for their first nationwide tour in 30 years.

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt are rejoined by Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan for the tour which starts on Wednesday at the Manchester Apollo and ends on 17 March at Wembley Arena.

The foursome were in the group when they adopted their name in 1967 and featured on breakthrough top 10 hit “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”. The line-up was known as the "frantic four".

But after Lancaster and Coghlan left the band in the 1980s frontmen Rossi and Parfitt - who first teamed up 50 years ago - carried on under the name Status Quo, prompting a lengthy legal battle.

Speaking of their resolved differences Parfitt told Sky News: "I think the really positive thing is that if we hadn’t split up we couldn’t have got back together again. It’s very nice to see everybody again, to get to know everybody again, because there’s a lot of water gone under the bridge."

He continued: "In places it’s really fantastic to play together again. In places. We’ve got a lot of work to do yet, but it feels very nostalgic. I’ll tell you after the first night. It’s going to be good. Or not. One of the two."

Last December Matt Letley who had spent 12 years as a drummer with Status Quo quit the band. He said his decision to leave was nothing to do with the reunion of the original four bandmembers.

Status Quo’s most famous hits include “Rockin’ All Over the World”, “Caroline” and “Down Down”.

The band has said that the new line-up will not be permanent.