Taylor Swift fan bracelets 'save teenagers' lives'

The colourful flashing wristbands helped rescuers to locate car smash teens in pitch darkness

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LED wrist bands given out at Taylor Swift concerts have been credited with saving three teenagers’ lives after they were involved in a car crash.

The 1989 singer said she was “so happy they’re okay” after news that the flashing bracelets helped rescuers to locate three young girls who were involved in an accident on their way home from a Louisiana gig.

Sisters Elizabeth and Caroline Dazzio and a friend named Emma were driving home late at night from Swift’s Baton Rouge concert last Friday when Elizabeth fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the car, according to reports.

Elizabeth was knocked unconscious and both Caroline and Emma were trapped in the back of the vehicle. They had three mobile phones on them but two had flat batteries and the girls couldn't locate the third in the darkness.

No cars were stopping near the I-110/Scenic Highway exit where they'd crashed, the girls said.

They used the LED bracelets, which light up and change colour, to tap on the windows of the wrecked vehicle to attract attention from a passerby.

“It was almost 1 A.M. and pitch black and the girls and [their] totalled car could not be seen,” according to Avery Talbot, a friend of the teenagers who was not involved in the crash.

“As you touch your bracelet it lights up and changes colour,” Miss Talbot wrote on Swift’s website. “They started tapping the bracelets on the windows and eventually a lady pulled aside to help. She said without those bracelets they probably would not have been seen… A Taylor Swift bracelet saved [their lives].”

The woman who stopped to help contacted the emergency services and all her male passenger pulled the teenagers from the damaged car.

"You could smell the gas and smoke," Caroline told WBRZ. "I was just thinking we need to get out of this car."

Elizabeth, who was hospitalised following the accident, is expected to make a full recovery.

The wristbands are given out to all concert attendees on Swift’s 1989 world tour. They are programmed to flash in sync with her set list during the performance.