Tidal: Jay Z's Spotify rival criticised for making wealthy artists even richer

Jay Z has announced artists such as Madonna, Deadmau5 and Kanye West (pictured) will co-own Tidal and reap financial rewards from streams

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Jay Z has promised to change the financial model of music streaming with his new service Tidal.

The rapper has vowed to create the first major artist-owned streaming service, announcing Kanye West, Madonna and Rihanna – as well as many other members of pop music’s elite - as joint owners of Tidal.

Quoting Frederick Nietzsche, fellow co-owner Alicia Keys said at the Tidal launch last night: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Artists turned their Twitter profiles blue yesterday in support of the subscription service and helped to get the hashtag #TIDALforALL trending, which some fans said appeared more like a campaign for social justice.

Fans have been quick to criticise the host of wealthy artists who have signed up to Tidal seeking to make even more money from the public.

Others among the African American community in the US have criticised the likes of Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye West and Beyoncé who were mostly silent about issues such as Ferguson, but have chosen to promote Tidal instead.

Many were also disillusioned that a group of such wealthy and influential pop stars including Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Jack White, Deadmau5 and Nicki Minaj have chosen to promote a music streaming service instead of coming together for a more altruistic cause.

Jay Z may be hoping to create a tidal change in the music industry, but it looks like he will have a long way to go to counter audience perceptions before he can begin to reap financial rewards for his friends. 

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Tidal launched by Jay Z with help from Kanye West, Rihanna and Coldplay