Ukip's 'racist' Calypso song is a hit on Amazon

Eighty per cent of users have given the track five stars - but some comments are more dubious than others

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The Ukip Calypso song may have been withdrawn by Mike Read after accusations of racism, but that hasn’t stopped reviewers on Amazon giving the track five stars.

Eighty per cent of the 276 customer reviews on the site have given the track top marks, with one user going so far as to call it “a work of genius”.

Others have called the song one of the best tracks they have ever heard, with some even comparing it to the work of The Beatles.

User 'Michael' wrote: "A wonderful uplifting track that makes me feel good", while Josh Wilson commented: "Absolutely incomparable to anything else! Wonderful song which shares core values and British interests. Great track!"

Of course, being Amazon, it is hard to tell how many Ukip fanatics have signed up just to leave positive messages supporting Read’s cause.

One user, Justin Bellhouse, who has never reviewed a product before, said: “Brilliant, even more knowing it makes Lefties froth at the mouth”, while novice commentator Mr David A King wrote: “Wind them up and off they go >>> Brilliant.”


Enthusiastic new Amazon reviewer Mr J J Priest commented on the track twice, writing: "Go Farage!!! Let's hope for a Number 1 on this one and Number 10 in 2015", followed by "Awesome and very very true. Vote UKIP!" two days later.

But others could clearly not resist high satire in their five star reviews.

One user, R Lee, claimed to have thrown his “entire collection of Beethoven in the dustbin” after hearing the track.

Austin Allegro, however, had a more extreme response.

“As I heard this audio ambrosia I spontaneously re-enacted the diner scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ And it wasn’t fake. Oh yes,” he wrote.


Meanwhile, user 'Chris' was also enraptured by the release.

“There comes a time during the journey of humanity when somebody crystallises a moment in history, whether in 5th Century Athens, or in the Age of Enlightenment, there springs a certain kind of genius that positively inflames our collective imagination,” he said.

Former BBC presenter Read withdrew his single earlier today after coming under fire for singing in a faux-Jamaican accent.

In a statement, he apologised “unreservedly” for “unintentionally” having caused offence.

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