Uptown Funk covered by 280 movies is our favourite mash-up of 2015 so far

Can you guess which movies the lyrics have been taken from?

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Finally got "Uptown Funk" out of your head after months of hearing Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' chart-topper everywhere you went? Well sorry, but it's back with a bang in a new YouTube video cover sung by, erm, 280 movies.

It took dedicated mash-up and editing fan 'dondrapersayswhat' three months to make 'Uptown Funk Sung by the Movies', which he posted on the video sharing service on Friday.

Nearly 265,000 people have viewed the really quite impressive result so far with hundreds of classic films from Pulp Fiction and Smokey & the Bandit to The Godfather and American Pie featuring for snippets of the lyrics.

Disney fans, you'll be pleased to hear that both The Lion King and Mulan make the cut, along with The Hangover, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, The Princess Bride and many more, even if most of them only appear briefly for one or two words.

If you want to make all this even more fun, try turning off the captioning and guessing what the movies are. It's quite the challenge, and almost as addictive as the song itself.

Failing that you can give the Harry Potter mash-up a listen. Posted back in March, it stars Lord Voldemort in hair curlers, dancing around the Forbidden Forest.

Nigerian singer Alex Boye's 'grandma-style' version is still our favourite, mind.