Watch Chris Pratt rap Forgot About Dre before dissing Orlando Bloom

Actor said the track was on his 'Peter Quill mix'

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Riding the crest of his 'Chris Pratt, so hot right now, Chris Pratt' moment, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor has delighted the internet by rapping a verse from Eminem's 'Forgot About Dre' word-for-word on a radio show, before giving his two cents on the Orlando Bloom – Justin Bieber debacle.

Pratt is currently starring in the biggest blockbuster of the summer (Guardians of the Galaxy), filming the biggest blockbuster of next summer (Jurassic World), and now beginning to show a nascent talent for rap.

It's fair to say that most people could probably give you the "Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothin' comes out when they move they lips, just a buncha gibberis and muthaf*ckas act like they forgot about Dre' section of the rapper's 2001 track, but Pratt goes on for a full minute after being asked to prove his love for Eminem.

"Me and my friend liven in van in Maui and we listened to that and smoked weed every day, and I know every word," Pratt told Shade45 host DJ Whoo Kid of Dre's album, The Chronic.

He was also asked his opinion on Bloom and Bieber's tabloid scuffle over Miranda Kerr, joking with Whoo Kidd:

CP: "How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom! Like of all the people you get punched by, it's Orlando Bloom?

WK: "You'd rather get punched by David Hasselhoff, that's more gangster?"

CP: "Yeah dude, I'd rather get farted on by David Hasselhoff than punched by Orlando Bloom."

Guardians of the Galaxy is (taking all the money) in cinemas now.