Watch Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show ft Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz

Perry said she didn't think she could beat Beyoncé’s memorable 2013 halftime show – but the singer may have just surprised herself

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Katy Perry promised lions and sharks for her Super Bowl halftime show – and the singer didn’t disappoint.

Bursting onto the stage on a gigantic metallic lion to perform her hit single “Roar”, the all-American singer didn’t let her nation down, delivering a whole host of her greatest hits from “Teenage Dream” to “Dark Horse”.

Perry had confirmed Lenny Kravtiz would be joining her on stage – for a performance of “I Kissed A Girl”, no less – but the crowd was still in the dark about her surprise guest, until Missy Elliott walked out on stage to the tune of “Get Ur Freak On”.

Perry joined Missy Elliott for a performance of “Work It”, during which the world got to hear the pop star rap in an over-sized American football sweater.


For her inevitable finale, Perry chose “Firework” - and went out to an impressive display of pyrotechnics while she flew across the stage on a harness in a star-studded dress.

The Independent's Acting Music Editor Emily Jupp said the performance focused more on the show than the sound.

"The props, costumes and pyrotechnics were as much the stars as the singers at last night’s Super Bowl. While Perry was at her powder-pop best, Missy Elliot added street cred and Lenny Kravitz made the whole thing feel like a rather surreal spin-off from The Hunger Games," she said.

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