Super Bowl 2015: Katy Perry rocks halftime show with Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz

Costume changes, special guests and a high energy performance leaves audience roaring

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The score was tied 14-14 when halftime came and with tensions high at the University of Phoenix stadium, everyone was ready for some distracting entertainment. By most assessments Katy Perry delivered.

Watch Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show in full

From her dramatic entrance on top of a large metallic lion as she sang "Roar", to her high energy pyrotechnic finale, Perry did what she had promised she would do – entertain. Her guests – Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott – may have been a little lacklustre, but Perry had high octane pop to spare.

Within the space of 12 or 13 minutes, she worked her way through a handful of favourites, sang along with Kravitz, duetted with Elliott and then took to the air on a suspended platform. Along the way she managed several outfit changes.

She started in a dress of yellow flames and her hair in a ponytail as she entered, standing on the back of a metallic lion (it may have been a tiger). The stage then became a shifting chessboard for "Dark Horse", as dancers did summersaults while she did her thing.


At that point, Perry introduced her first guest, and standing side by side she and Kravitz delivered a rocking version of "I Kissed a Girl".

Next the set changed into a beach, and dancing sharks and palm trees provided the backdrop for Perry’s "Teenage Dream". That segued int

o "California Gurls" before the second guest of the night was introduced

Missy Elliott and Perry got busy with several favourites - "Get Ur Freak On" and "Work It"  - and then Missy Elliott performed "Lose Control" by herself as Perry left briefly for one last costume change. Her last song was "Firework"  and she performed it circling the stadium on a tiny, soaring platform in an encrusted gown.

Katy Perry received a roaring reception during the halftime show in Arizona

The crowd roared and sang and most observers, both at the stadium and elsewhere seemed to suggested she had nailed it.

“Katy Perry Shines”, declared Billboard magazine. “Katy Perry blew away the Super Bowl halftime show”, said USA Today.

flying perry.jpg
Katy Perry's finale was a dramatic moment

Most of those who bothered to voice their opinion on Twitter appeared to suggest Perry had surpassed expectations. It had not been remarkable but neither had there been any of the faux controversy over so-called wardrobe malfunctions. Earlier this week Perry had told reporters: “My intention is that everyone talks about the music and nothing else.”

It seems that her plan worked.