Zayn Malik leaves 1D: Is the only way down for One Direction?

What hope is there for the band as a four piece?

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As the news breaks that Zayn Malik has parted company with One Direction, what hope is there for the band as a four piece?

While Zayn Malik was always the most likely band member to leave, will One Direction have the strength to survive as a foursome? Or will they go down the same, painful route as the likes of Take That and the Spice Girls?

One Direction might want to learn a few lessons from these classic post-break up tales. Take That


The group went from fabulous five to slightly desperate four in 1995 after the departure of wild card, Robbie Williams. They called it a day a year later. However, a decade on they reunited and have had amazing success with the middle aged ladies gig market. 

Solo stardom has also been a big deal for the group. Robbie Williams. Angels. Enough said.


The Spice Girls

Gerry Halliwell (second left) left Spice Girls in 1998


Geri Halliwell left the group, just before the girls went on tour in 1998, but the group carried on regardless (ringing any bells). The tour was a great success and the foursome carried on performing together until they started to lose momentum as babies began to arrive on the scene and Victoria Adams became MRS BECKHAM. At this point the group split up and attempted to cover different countries separately, with varying degrees of success.

Geri Halliwell on the other hand, did very well on her own, with four UK number ones.

In 2007 the group reunited and launched a worldwide tour, before working with Jennifer Saunders to develop the flop-musical, Viva Forever.


Ronan Keating (centre) with Boyzone before they went their separate ways


They split in 1999, the same year that Ronan Keating released his first solo single "When You Say Nothing at All".

Keating went solo and was very successful. The first album he produced contained four UK and Irish top-ten singles. He went on to record four more…

The group then reunited in 2007, and launched a massive tour (sound familiar).

So what we really need to know now is – when will Harry styles go solo, and when should we start saving up for the 2025 tour?