Album: 10cc, Tenology (Universal)


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One significant aspect of the 1970s, often overlooked, was a reaction against prog-rock stodge by musicians who opted instead to bring a high level of sophistication and wit back into pop.

Stockport quartet 10cc were, in this regard, the British equivalent of Steely Dan, applying advanced musical and lyrical skills initially to the humble task of sardonic pop pastiches like “Donna” and, as they developed, to the socio-political satires (“The Wall Street Shuffle”, “Clockwork Creep”) that made up their second album, Sheet Music. Before long, however, their techie instincts would lure Kevin Godley and Lol Creme into hardware development, while Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman soldiered on with occasional success.

Download: Rubber Bullets; The Dean and I; Sand In My Face; Oh Effendi; I'm Not In Love