Album: Bee Gees, Mythology (Reprise)


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The Bee Gees managed to survive the vicissitudes of showbiz fortune by reinventing themselves according to the changing demands of the mid-1970s.

This four-disc anthology rather fluffs the opportunity for a serious retrospective: rather than serious annotations, the booklet opts for fawning celebrity testimonies; and separating the four discs into one per brother (including Andy Gibb, not strictly a Bee Gee at all) does their catalogue no favours. But the quality of their take on the harmony-pop formula is unquestionable, from the lush folk-rock style of early hits like “To Love Somebody”, through their crystallisation of disco into “Night Fever”, to later successes like “You Win Again”.

Download: New York Mining Disaster 1941; Massachusetts; To Love Somebody; I've Gotta Get a Message to You; Jive Talkin'