Album: Black Carrot, Miliking Scarabs for Dough (Tin Angel)

The addition of inventive guitarist Ollie Warren has further broadened the already vast sonic palette of Market Harborough's top avant-rockers, making the wonderful Black Carrot more diggable than ever.

He's at the heart of a track like "Onomatopoeia", where his several de-tuned lines collude most pleasingly; and elsewhere, his razor-sharp shards slot nicely into the band's limber Beefheart-style grooves, particularly the oddly infectious stutter-funk of "The One That Got Away" and "The Detonation Tonight Will Be S-Ray-20". Elsewhere, "The Hush Hour" is a plaintive abstraction, while the band's instrumental diversity is demonstrated via the melodica and bass clarinet of "Sleep" and the harpsichord of "Magnets", before the album draws to a close with the wheezing shanty "The Top of the Hill".

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