Album: Bombay Bicycle Club, A Different Kind of Fix (Island)

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Most bands find their signature style and stick with it till the fanbase drifts away. Not so Bombay Bicycle Club, who have an appealing tendency to change bicycles midstream, as it were.

Having abandoned the indie inclinations of their debut album for the folksier climes of last year's Flaws, they now dart in yet another direction, devising a shuffling indie-dance style that recalls variously the infectious syncopations of Talking Heads, the baggy grooves of Happy Mondays and the campfire psychedelia of Animal Collective, but somehow manages to sound homogenously all of a piece. There's a confident hesitancy to the way tracks like "Your Eyes" and "Shuffle" bowl along, traceable perhaps to Animal Collective producer Ben Allen's input. One of the UK's most inventive acts.

DOWNLOAD THIS: How Can You; Your Eyes; Lights Out, Words Gone; Shuffle