Album: Boredoms, Super Roots 9 (Thrill Jockey)

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For their first release on Thrill Jockey, the legendary "Japanoise" band Boredoms present the latest in their Super Roots series, a single 40-minute piece in their signature tribal-drone style, called "Livwe!", recorded at a Christmas Eve 2004 concert in Japan.

For this show, the four core members – driving force Yamantaka Eye and the three drummers (including Yoshimi P-We, celebrated by Flaming Lips for her putative battle against the pink robots) – were joined by a 20-piece choir. Picking up momentum, with microtonal clusters and berserk runs of organ surging back and forth, it's soon steaming along like a juggernaut carrying the Kodo Drummers, Keith Emerson and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a weird combination of prog-rock and minimalism – particularly the art-rock of Magma and the hypnotic vocal ululations favoured by Steve Reich.

There's the same disconcerting impression that one is eavesdropping on something happening in another dimension. That's served the likes of Sigur Ros very nicely, but whether the same success is visited on the Boredoms probably depends on the public appetite for Japanese noise-rock. In other words, not a chance.

Pick of the album:'Livwe!'