Album: Bostich + Fussible, Bulevar 2000 (Nacional/Because)

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Bostich + Fussible are one-half of Mexico's Nortec Collective, a production team that seeks to combine the country's traditional norteño music with techno beats and synths.

The result is itchily infectious on tracks like "Punta Banda" and "Radio Borderland", their tribute to their Tijuana home base: great offbeat grooves punched along by staccato accordion riffs. Occasionally, a vocoder voice might intone a hook phrase, and timbales or brittle snare rolls punctuate the progress, but the dominant feature is the light mood of the rhythms. Best of all is "I Count the Ways", whose female singer offers the most characterful vocal of the album: with its striding groove and joyous brass-bound chorus, it's reminiscent of one of Basement Jaxx's club anthems, and just as irresistible.

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