Album: Carl Coxaii, Roads Lead to the Dancefloor (Intec Digital)

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The medium is increasingly the message in modern music.

Carl Cox's first album in six years is available as a USB interface costing a hefty £20, for which the purchaser receives a three-phase download programme (allowing full access to the completed album mid-October), along with various remixes, videos and updated "exclusives" – basically, everything he does for the next year. Which sounds rather like we're being asked to pay Carl for his promo material, rather than getting it for free. Musically, you know what you're getting, at least: tracks like "Family Guy" and "Avenger" gallop along with functional efficiency, incorporating familiar filter-sweeps and drop-outs. But when he's on, he's good: "Sentimiento" has a classic smouldering build-up of infectious momentum, before climaxing with triumphal Latin brass.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Sentimiento; Nexus; Chemistry