Album: Casiokids, Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen (Moshi Moshi)

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Hailing from the same Bergen, Norway music scene that spawned The Whitest Boy Alive and Røyksopp, Casiokids deal primarily in a similar style of cool, clean electropop, with tracks such as "Det Haster!" and "London Zoo" employing airy, high-register vocals – not unreasonably in their native Norwegian – over nimble, ticking synthscapes.

But the opening title track, with its rustic blend of concertina, cello, reeds and horns, hints at how far they're prepared to stretch their basic mode. Accordingly, the use of marimba tones, jungle noises and springy guitar hooks takes tracks in unusual, cartoonish directions: "Dr Tarzan Monsoon" recalls the early sonic frescoes of Yello, while "Elefantenes Hemmelige Gravplass" sounds like Kraftwerk on a Caribbean vacation. Which is to say: laidback and tidy, but fun.

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