Album: Chapel Club, Palace (Polydor)

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Chapel Club are another retro-indie band apparently eager to re-run the 1980s, albeit in slightly more musically adventurous manner than the likes of White Lies and Interpol.

In Chapel Club's case, the defining precursor is Echo & the Bunnymen, with "Five Trees" ably aping both Ian McCulloch's vocal delivery and Will Sergeant's psych-rock guitar style. They're at their best on the single "Surfacing", where the menacing undertones of their chugging stadium-rock are piquantly spiked with lyrical quotes from "Dream a Little Dream of Me". Elsewhere, they range moodily from the euphoric isolation of "Fine Light" to the bullish, driving momentum of the Bauhaus-styled "White Knight Position", the most serious mis-step coming in the ugly emo poetry of "After the Flood".

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