Album: Cher Lloyd, Sticks + Stones (Syco)


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Given the professed "streetwise" attitude of X Factor also-ran Cher Lloyd, you'd think there might be a glimmer of personality somewhere on this debut album, but the only real flashes of character come from the reworked riffs of old Neneh Cherry and Ann Peebles hits used on a couple of tracks.

Otherwise, with the wot-evaah mockney petulance, the rap-by-numbers braggadocio, the rote complaints about deficient boyfriends, and the half-hearted electro beats bashed out by the half-dozen different producers, this is about as generic as pop gets, the authentic sound of emasculated corporate teen fodder masquerading as rebellion.

It's all there in Lloyd's telling lines from "Grow Up": "We're gonna be the generation that makes everything explode!" she asserts hopefully, before adding the proviso, "And when I say explode, I don't mean that we're using bombs." Whew!