Album: Chiddy Bang, Breakfast (Parlophone)


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Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege, MC of hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang, may have set a new world freestyle rap record – a brain-wilting 9 hours, 18 minutes – but on this debut album he doesn't seem to have quite as much to say as, for instance, Childish Gambino; though maybe the art lies in spinning one's thread so gossamer-thin that it's barely perceptible.

That said, there are some great grooves on Breakfast, from the party anthem "Handclaps & Guitars" to the infectious piano-and-vocal hook to "Ray Charles". This track also provides the best lyric interplay: while the mirror-gazing Chiddy's celebrating being as cool as Ray, his girl's rejoinder claims he's "too blind to see" her charms. Elsewhere, "Baby Roulette" offers sage advice on contraception – but there are a few too many tracks on which the hook outclasses the actual rap.

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