Album: CSS, La Liberación (V2)

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After the relative disappointment of 2008's Donkey, CSS's La Liberació* offers a much more serviceable blend of their original X-Ray Spex-style doughty amateurism with their slicker, sleeker electropop self.

The former is gloriously evident in the shouty demeanour of closer "Fuck Everything", while the album's most potent moment resides in the loping dubstep electropop of "City Girl", whose "Short shorts, short skirts" hook sounds like a singalong summer hit; an account of a young girl's refusal to give up her dream of joining her brother in New York, it's a joyous assertion of independence. Elsewhere, the synth riff and bouncy guitar motif of "Echo of Love" has the springy consistency of South African mbaqanga, while the infectious "Hits Me Like a Rock" employs the gentlest of syncopated cumbia twitches to get things moving.

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