Album: Dappy, Bad Intentions (Universal Island)


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Dappy clearly doesn't believe in keeping his powder dry: no sooner has "Intro" begun than he's off, attacking MPs, media and playa-haters in general in that vituperative monotone patter.

Still, as an introduction to the album, it doesn't lie: he constantly boils over into splenetic, scattershot anger, most biliously in "Tarzan", "Tarzan 2" and "Fuck Them", an attack on "them ringtone rappers" every bit as charming as the title suggests. Even the album's most heartfelt ballad, "Good Intentions", seethes with righteous anger: "They don't listen when you tell 'em, tell 'em/All they understand is venom, venom". Meanwhile, he seeks solace with strange bedfellows, empathising with Chris Brown and Kurt Cobain (?), and collaborating with Brian May and The Wanted.

Download: Come with Me; Rockstar; Good Intentions