Album: David Lynch, Crazy Clown Time (Sunday Best)


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Second only to Quentin Tarantino, Lynch has always been a highly music-conscious director, from the Lady in the Radiator in Eraserhead through Roy Orbison in Blue Velvet and the Elvis tropes of Wild at Heart to Marilyn Manson's work for The Lost Highway.

For him, the disciplines of cinema and pop are inseparable. It's logical, then, that his first fully solo album is intensely cinematic. Kicking off with "Pinky's Dream", featuring Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Crazy Clown Time is thereafter all Lynch's own work, its varied palette – from tumbleweed atmospherics to vocoder electro – augmented by movie sound effects.

He's a reedy, weedy singer but it doesn't matter, because he wisely sticks to the spoken word for much of the album, whether delivering the sinister inner monologue of a stalker or a robot-voiced attempt to advocate Transcendental Meditation.