Album: Debussy/Crumb

Primeval Sounds Enrico Belli (Concept Wergo)
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Pianist Enrico Belli's evocative recital continues the recent trend for mixing the music of George Crumb with earlier composers. The distance here isn't quite so wide as that in Christine Schäfer's disc of Crumb and Purcell only 60 years separate Crumb's 'Makrokosmos I' and Debussy's 'Prludes' but again the similarities are striking. Belli's double-disc set alternates between the two cycles, enriching the Debussy with Crumb's sharp moonlit shards. The technically savvy listener could programme their CD player to play each collection through without interruption. But that would mean missing out on a very unusual and experience.

Download this: Crumb's 'Night Spell I' and Debussy's 'Des pas sur la neige'