Album: Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Sings Buck, NEW WEST
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The honky-tonk "legend" Buck Owens died last year. Naturally, his chum and musical acolyte Dwight Yoakam would have something to say about the old fellow. And here it is, a tribute album in which the younger man sings the older man's legacy as if it were his to scatter like ashes. How to capture Yoakam's take on the essentials of the Bakersfield sound? Well, you could suggest that it was the sound Shakin' Stevens was after: fleet, poised, swinging, swivelling, yodelsome and, in this case, necklaced with Eddie Perez's golden Telecaster. Gorgeous, really, if you can keep chunky knitwear from invading your mind's eye.

Download this 'My Heart Skips a Beat': leave your cowboy boots on at the door