Album: Frankie Rose, Interstellar (Memphis Industries)


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Former denizen of Brooklyn indie girl groups such as Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has stepped out on her own and come up with a surprise delight: an enchanting dream-pop album steeped in her multi-tracked harmonies.

 Memories of new-wave pioneers such as The Cure and New Order are discernible, particularly in the brittle drums and methodical guitar melody of "Know Me"; but rumbling tom-toms and space-age synths characterise "Gospel/Grace" and "Interstellar", which could be Can with a female vocalist. But it's Rose's harmonies that make the album special: warm and breathy, they seem to sidle gently into position, rather than cut with razor precision, a characteristic that lends the feel of an angelic chorale to the gorgeous "Moon in My Mind" and "Pair of Wings".

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