Album: Fujiya and Miyagi, Ventriloquizzing (Full Time Hobby)

For their third album, Brighton's itchy electronic groove machine opted to record in California with the producer Thom Monahan, best known for his work with folk-rockers like Vetiver and Devendra Banhart.

But it's still northern Europe that dominates their music, from the undulating Krautrock tick-tock tones of the title-track and the galumphing lope of the Depeche Mode-style "16 Shades of Black & Blue" to the dramatic grooves of "Taiwanese Boots" and "Pills", both of which resemble the kinds of themes Can created for 1970s Euro-thrillers, full of voguish continental sophistication and sinister implication. The way that David Best speak-sings in murmured intimacies adds to this mood, as if we're party to dangerous secrets – which often turn out to be simple assemblages of idiom and cliche, though no less ominous for that.

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