Album: Glasvegas, Euphoric Heartbreak (Columbia)

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Are you lonesome tonight? Are you missing someone so much you're losing your mind? James Allan is.

The proverbially "difficult" second Glasvegas album is driven by longing and loss, with – as its title suggests – a strange undercurrent of triumphal bliss. It begins in a manner that will have most fans of the Spectoresque Scottish noise-rockers checking the CD to make sure it's the same band. With "The World is Yours", though, Euphoric Heartbreak hits its stride, Allan singing unpalatable truths over a track with the giddy whirl of U2 circa The Unforgettable Fire. It isn't the only track with a lush, layered sound. The album builds to its bittersweet climax until a mother's voice counsels, "Listen son, don't be scared ...." A strange end to a strange album, whose mood, to invoke one of their earlier songs, is not so much "Fuck You, It's Over" as "fuck yeah, it's over!"