Album: Gold Panda, DJ Kicks, (!K7)


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Having vaulted from nowhere to star status with last year's Lucky Shiner, minimal-techno producer Gold Panda has been in heavy demand these past 12 months, but has found time to assemble this mix of personal favourites.

It's a pleasant enough ride which reveals some of Panda's tastes: he loves a good handclap groove, for instance, and prefers vocals murmured rather than sung. Tracks from the likes of Zomby, Opiate and LV & Untold are included, along with the latter's effervescent remix of Ramadanman's frisky "Revenue"; but it's heartening that the most pleasing piece is his own "An Iceberg Hurtled Northward through Clouds": the gamelan tinkle of its glass percussion is strapped to a descending bassline whose compelling melody offers a blueprint for his house style.

DOWNLOAD THIS: An Iceberg Hurtled Northward through Clouds; Coke; Revenue