Album: Gold Panda, Lucky Shiner (Notown)

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Further evidence of the flourishing state of UK electronica comes in the form of this debut album from Essex minimal techno artist Gold Panda. Lucky Shiner - named after his grandmother - eschews thumping dance-floor fillers for more textured pieces, bearing out Panda's insistence that "I didn't want bangers, I wanted songs with structure".

Structure, but no words: these 11 instrumentals are built from sample-fragments which have been re-triggered, pitch-shifted and combined with glitchy backdrops, found-sounds, field recordings and keyboard figures to create hypnotic grooves and stuttering bricolages. In some cases, Panda's time in the Orient is discernible in his tones and timbres: "Vanilla Minus" could be Yellow Magic Orchestra. Best of all is "Snow & Taxis", which scuds lightly along, an exercise in aural skiing.

DOWNLOAD THIS Snow & Taxis; Vanilla Minus; I'm With You But I'm Lonely