Album: Infadels, Universe in Reverse (Wall Of Sound)

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Naively, you might have believed that we'd done away with bands like Infadels years ago. The London five-piece, now on to their second album, recall that wave of sub-U2 bands from 1985 or a bad Blur support band from 1995.

Their bog-standard indie rock, all heroic bluster and bravado, corny drum-rolls before the big crescendo, but nothing to say with it, rarely enters the 21st century. "Code 1" is an exception (imagine Kasabian doing Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground"), but the lyrics don't live up to the promise of its title. Infadels are revving their engines, but they haven't got a map.

Pick of the Album: Pea-shoot the runner: 'Code 1'