Album: Jimmy Screech, The Remedy (MAP Music)

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The self-styled "veteran soldier from the south-east with a swagger and a bop from mi heel to mi top", Jimmy Screech may be the man to push the capital's bashment scene firmly into the mainstream.

The glitchy beats and fizzing techno grooves provided by producers such as Benji Boko, Roots Manuva and Screech himself occupy a wide terrain where dancehall meets dubstep, and Screech has an engagingly warm, laconic take on workaday mores: being a "worker drone" dreaming of Jamaican beaches; tackling prickly relationships; and trying to break down the gangsta stereotypes that hold urban music back. There's an updated Leslie Kong/Sonia Pottinger feel to reggae skanks like "Wood 4 the Trees" and "Bullseye", while the dub-techno grooves of tracks such as "Telling Them Lies" have an appealing lightness of touch.

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