Album: Joe Driscoll, Mixtape Champs (Localization)

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Like early-period Beck, Joe Driscoll operates in that hinterland where folk troubadour meets hip-hop culture, his acoustic guitar incorporated within grooves built from his beatboxing and DJ Afro's scratching, with other elements – the occasional sax or melodica line – overlaid around his vocals.

His songs reflect a warm, albeit slightly soured worldview, Driscoll lamenting the world's failings on "Clear Mind" and "Just Once", and irritated in "Location" about how "I've torn my time to tatters in these timid, tiny towns". But "In the Telling" affirms his faith in the value of storytelling, and "Ridum" – a harmonica/beatboxing groove – in the value of rhythm. The title-track gazes back fondly at a time where, instead of just burning a playlist, your affections were indicated by making a mixtape for a prospective girlfriend.

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