Album: Jonsi, We Bought a Zoo (Columbia)


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The film director Cameron Crowe has been a bit cheeky with this soundtrack, cherry-picking the best tracks such as "Go Do" and "Boy Lilikoi" from Jónsi's solo album, Go – and, of course, Sigur Rós's ubiquitous "Hoppípolla" – to bulk out the incidental music written for the film.

You can hear why: while the new score beguiles, with its string-laced buoyancy and sublime vocal keening interspersed with satisfying piano and celeste figures, there's a clearer emotional arc to the earlier, self-contained pieces that doubtless underscores key scenes perfectly. Which isn't to disparage Jónsi's score: working with his Riceboy Sleeps partner, Alex Somers, and choral-orchestral arrangement wunderkind Nico Muhly, he's devised a musical backdrop that subtly evokes the innocence, warmth and zoophiliac empathy of the film's message.

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