Album: Katy B, On A Mission (Rinse)

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The latest Brit School alumnus to be saddled with the weight of unfair expectations, Katy B blends R&B vocals with the dubstep arrangements of Geeneus, Zinc and Magnetic Man to create a distinctive homegrown UK club sound.

The beats are surprisingly varied, from the scudding electro shuffle of "Power On Me" and the staccato swagger of "Easy Please Me" to the jazzy 2-step twitch of "Why You Always Here". There's even room for the return of the venerable "Funky Drummer" beat on "Broken Record". Admirably, Katy's vocals' conversational demotic has more in common with Lily Allen than Mariah Carey. Her casual observations on club life and love life tumble over each other with a light, mischievous touch that's refreshingly free of grating attitude. But surely the Jamiroquai-style jazz-funk of "Hard To Get" is a mistake?

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