Album: Keane, Night Train (Island)

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While this eight-track mini-album contains several tracks on which Keane's anthemic old style lumbers through its motions there are some interesting new directions which suggest a creative restlessness on songwriter/producer Tim Rice-Oxley's part.

The tracks featuring the "dusty-foot philosopher" K'naan herald a positive new route for the band, the Somali-Canadian rapper's commentaries lending a fresh impetus to Keane's customary reflective attitude on "Stop For A Minute" and "Looking Back". Elsewhere, Japanese MC Tigarah contributes vocals to the pop-funk synth groove of "Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself)", while a similar desire to "see the world as selfishly as you do" underpins "Clear Skies", whose syncopated-clapping, acoustic guitar and vibes motif offers new avenue for exploration.

Download this: Stop For A Minute; Clear Skies; Looking Back