Album: King Creosote, Diamond Mine (Domino)

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Diamond Mine is Kenny Anderson and Jon Hopkins's romanticised evocation of life in a Scottish coastal village.

The pair have weaved Anderson's songs together with various ambient elements – traffic noise, birdsong, the tinkle of teacups on saucers – to create a song-cycle that illuminates the exceptional in the everyday. In "John Taylor's Month Away", a fisherman has misgivings, over a plaintive wheeze of concertina and a warm sussurus of humming keyboard; in "Running on Fumes", a minor car accident prompts futile arguing between brothers; in "Bats in the Attic", the singer frets over the appearance of silver in his sideburns. But the wistful tone of regret ultimately resolves, in "Your Young Voice", into a dad's devotion, the child's voice acknowledged as all that's "keeping me holding on to my dull life".

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