Album: Kylie Minogue, Boombox, (Parlophone)

The pop princess gets the mash-up treatment
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You'd think that a star as consistently poptastic as Kylie Minogue would be an absolute gift to remixers.

That, of course, would be to overlook the unerring ability of remixers to turn a silk purse back into a sow's ear. Sadly, a handful of examples crops up on this collection of Kylie remixes from the Noughties.

The 7th District Club Mental Mix of "Spinning Around" disembowels the original and turns it into soulless Ibiza fodder, while the Kid Crème Vocal Dub mix of "Love at First Sight" is generic funky house for faux-classy cattle markets.

Happily, they're joined by some glorious exceptions to the rule.

'Boombox' kicks off with Erol Alkan's inspired New Order/ Minogue mash-up "Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head", which began life as a bootleg, but was snapped up by Kylie and given an official release.

Other fine reworkings include Fischerspooner's "Come into My World", the Chemical Brothers' take on "Slow", and the narcotic minimalism of Whitey's "Red Blooded Woman". And the title track kicks gold-hot-panted ass.

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