Album: LMFAO, Sorry For Party Rocking (Interscope)

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LMFAO – L stands for "Laughing", O for "Off" – are the family that plays together, DJs Redfoo and SkyBlue being the son and grandson respectively of Motown founder Berry Gordy, which makes them uncle and nephew.

And, for them, playing means partying pretty much non-stop: Sorry For Party Rocking is stuffed with more lunkhead electro-rap celebrations of booze and booty in the vein of their number one hit "Party Rock Anthem", for which the opening Star Wars trailer skit serves as an accurate indication of the lack of comic imagination involved. Behind the whippy synth flourishes and propulsive stompbeats that snag one's interest, the lazy charmlessness of the duo's rhyming quickly grows tiresome, a situation unalleviated by the occasional appearance of a Busta Rhymes or Calvin Harris. Fun in extremely small doses.

DOWNLOAD THIS Party Rock Anthem; Sorry For Party Rocking