Album: LMFAO, Sorry for Party Rocking (Polydor)

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Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Husten Gordy, respectively the son and grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy, have presumably never had to do a day's work in their lives. So, given unlimited leisure time and unimaginable wealth, what do you do? You party, and you party non-stop.

The tone of the uncle-nephew electro-rappers' second album is set with the line "And if she has a hissy fit because you're whiskey-dicked, just say... sorry for party rocking!" Imagine The Bloodhound Gang having a dumb-off with the early Beasties at an old skool rave, and you've got the measure of it. Taken in individual portions, they're a refreshing jolt to the system, but a whole album's worth feels like being force-fed a gallon of Sunny Delight.

But, love them or hate them, one can never accuse LMFAO of slacking in the relentless fight for their right to party rock.