Album: Matmos, Supreme Balloon (Matador)

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This innovative duo of Björk accomplices returns to its core of pure electronic music here, eschewing the idiosyncratic sound sources of earlier works (amplified semen, anyone?) in favour of a battery of Moogs, Arps, Korgs and even Radio France's massive Coupigny modular synth, once used by the likes of Boulez and Stockhausen to sculpt musique concrète.

It's used here to effect a Walter/Wendy Carlos-style synthesised version of Couperin's Les folies françaises, which sits comfortably in between the four short electro-pop pieces that open the album, and the title-track's 24-minute cosmic journey, a throbbing garland of arabesque glissandi, whose overlapping, de-synchronous synth lines uncover the kind of "hidden" rhythms employed by minimalists such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley. The latter appears on the bonus track "Hashish Master", but my preference is for the boffin-bounce synth-pop of "Polychords", "Mister Mouth" and "Rainbow Music", in which bleeps, buzzes and blips are marshalled into cute, kitsch confections.

Pick of the album:'Rainbow Music', 'Polychords', 'Mister Mouth'

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